Monday, March 23, 2009

Props for the Scandinavian version of Tampopo

Amsterdam designer Aldo Bakker's series of porcelain tableware.
(From dezeen)

If one were to imagine a slicker Scandinavian version of Tampopo, director Juzo Itami's Japanese "Spaghetti western," Aldo Bakker's porcelain vessels could be props for the young man in the white suit and his lover. To date, two scenes from Tampopo still rank as my all-time favorite erotic film moments.
Watch these scenes (the egg yolk and the oyster) below. I'm somehow imagining a fantastical collaboration between Bakker and Itami, but I'm not quite sure how that would manifest in reality...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Danse Serpentine - Loie Fuller

found at Overduin and Kite

Late 19th century hand-colored film recording a dance performance by pioneer of modern dance, Loie Fuller.

Haim Steinbach on Mike Kelley

From Exhibition
"Haim Steinbach on Mike Kelley" at Overduin and Kite

In discussing his work, Haim Steinbach writes,


1. An object is defined by its relationship to another object(s). Meaning is generated through the play of objects; in how they are placed, acting on one another. The viewer is engaged to complete the story, to solve the riddle.

2. Objects function in our lives as forms of communication. An object is a story in itself and at the same time it is a vessel ready to receive any projection brought upon it by the subject/viewer.

3. Objects are employed as figures of speech. For example, the “Kong” rubber dog chew may be read as a marker of time, like a point at the end of a sentence, a comma, a semicolon, or an exclamation mark.

4. The choice of objects and their grouping reflects their typological affinities and metonymic relationships.

5. Some approaches of choice in the selection and arrangement of objects are:

(a)The object(s) that have been in the possession of the artist for some time may be put together with a newly found or bought object. With experience, personal, historical, social, intellectual etc. a connection may be made with an object already internalized and a newly arrived object at a moment of recognition. (For instance “Mr. Peanut”)

(b) An object or objects in the possession of another individual are put into a new play by the artist.

(c) A complete arrangement in the possession of an individual is lifted in its original order and re-framed in another format of presentation.

6. Found statements have already been objectified in the formation of their content, typeset and the spacing between letters, words and sentences. In this respect they too are objects and are taken as such. ”

Artists who put things on shelves

Above: Haim Steinbach "Matter grey"

Above: Haim Steinbach "Bricks and rats"

Above: William Pope L (?)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fruit Condom

from Dezeen

Love Design, Milan presents the Fruit Condom, by Quentin Simonin & Morgane Pluchon.
It's very pretty.
If I understand correctly, it's re-usable (it ought to be, since a small tear would not put the user at risk of disease or impregnation).
Not yet on the market.