Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aaron Francis on Moby Dick, Chapter 5

by aaron francis


"Royal College of Art graduate Iola Kalliopi Sifakaki designed a dinner service cast from her own body and then invited a dozen of her male friends to feast from the tableware.
"The dinner service, and the dining furniture Sifikaki designed, are based on the Greek myth of Tantalus, in which Tantalus boils his son Pelops and offers him up as food to the gods to appease them."
from dezeen

Thursday, July 2, 2009

food dispenser

ExtraRoom by Gunnar Green (in collaboration with Bernhard Hopfengaertner).

"The image above shows the 'food dispenser". The subject would suck nutrients from it: normal meals would indeed be too rich in stimuli (shape, textures, ordering on the plate, smell, etc.). Besides, their elimination would erase any sense of time. The rest of the room would be totally bland and white, with only a toilet. It is soundproof and features no window. The architecture of the room with its surfaces that are never horizontal nor vertical induces mental unrest.

It has been observed that deprivation rooms increase the receptivity to propaganda. After 36 hours spent in the room, the mind of its inhabitant would be ready to receive desirable messages through speakers. The input would be repeated several times until the appropriate psychological alteration has been reached. The door will then open. The person can now go back to their normal life."

from wemakemoney

narcotic vaporizer and high heel

Tommaso Lanza, RCA

"3 pairs of custom made Salvatore Ferragamo 6cm high heel shoes size 6. Black patent leather, fine stitching details. High-quality clear leather inner lining. Each left shoe features a retractable electronic key device in the heel. Late entry lot, believed to be part of CFO Sherron Tischler’s personal collection."

"Lot of 30 Careco CC600 narcotic vaporisers featuring biometric identification via an integrated IriScan system. The CC600 was produced sparingly and sold to a very limited number of corporate customers. The double nozzle system is automatically sanitized after each use. The chosen narcotic is easily refilled by removing the front panel which is secured by an electronic lock at the bottom of the casing."

via wemakemoney