Saturday, December 20, 2008


Zeta Creations markets a number of beautiful penetration toys which bring up complex issues relating to the morality of indulging in bestiality imagery, and promoting sexual scenes with hyper-real animal-genital substitutions.

from zetacreations (at

"It is as the title suguests, a toy modeled after that of an Orca whale, it is over 15" without the base. It tapers from 1" near the tip to almost 4" near the base with a gradual increase as you go down the shaft. It has a nice tapered shape and could be used to some extent by practically everyone, it also has veins added in from those we observed and studied from an Orca penis, to give it much more realstic feel and texture. We hope you will enjoy this 1. Just dont blame us if you get carried away and dont walk right for a week ;) "

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